Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance

The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance is a non-profit organization promoting growth and success of the aerospace industry in the Northwest region of the United States. PNAA accomplishes this by:

  • Providing frequent networking opportunities
  • Promoting and conducting educational seminars
  • Informing members of business opportunities and industry changes

PNAA's Mission
PNAA promotes the growth of the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Industry.  We assist members to be globally competitive through education, access to business opportunities, information on emerging markets and facilitation of key relationships.

PNAA's Vision
PNAA will lead and promote the global competitiveness of the Pacific Northwest Aerospace industry.

Offer frequent opportunities for education and networking through:

Work to disseminate relevant news and information to our membership:

  • through our monthly newsletter, our mid-month events announcement (highlighting our partners’ events), our web site and other means as appropriate
  • while maintaining a respectful level of communication (limiting the number of emails and other contacts and ensuring effective communication regarding our communication policies)

Promote opportunities for members to enhance their competitiveness:

  • through promotion of relevant events and opportunities offered by PNAA and our partners

Advocate for Northwest Aerospace through involvement in government and industry standards development

  • through participation in AAQG meetings, government sponsored events and other relevant activities

Represent Northwest Aerospace through participation in regional and international conferences and air shows

  • through such activities as the Washington State Pavilion at International Air Shows, booths and sponsorships of relevant seminars and conferences, and support of such activities by our partners

Support the development of the next generation of aerospace workers

  • through the issuance of scholarships at colleges throughout the Pacific Northwest

Click here for PNAA's Annual Report

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