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“Learning should not stop when the last school bell rings.”  For the past 50 years, this quote has been the mantra of Jan Link. After 36 years of service in public schools as a teacher, curriculum director, elementary and secondary principal, Jan knew that her passion for providing academic support for students was as strong as ever. She wanted to give back to her profession! She decided to open an academic support and enrichment center in Kirkland, Washington. After five successful years, Jan now knows that Academic Link can only serve a limited number of students. Knowing that education in Washington state is in crisis, Jan recognized the need to develop academic support systems for all children in our state, regardless of race, location, or ability to pay. Thus, Academic Link Outreach 501(c)(3) was born.
All of the academic support systems are focused on students in grades K-12. They help students meet and exceed state standards, graduate from high school, and be better prepared for  college or the workforce.

The time is now! The quality of one’s education directly impacts an individual’s economic independence; as well as our workforce development and global economic competitiveness.


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