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It's along a row of homes on Water Street, a stone's throw from the capitol building, where we learned the tools of the lobbying trade. Steeped in Capitol tradition and pioneers in modern issue campaigns, our network of experienced associates can help you navigate Washington State politics.

Whether your needs include educating lawmakers on a particular piece of legislation, working with agencies to achieve a reasonable regulatory outcome, or developing effective public communications, Water Street can provide the comprehensive professional support required to achieve your goals.


Water Street Public Affairs is a Washington State based lobbying and public affairs firm. We specialize in providing representation in front of the Washington State Legislature, the executive branch, and a growingly impactful network of NGOs. Our clients are businesses in maritime and advanced technology, as well as utilities, associations, and public interests groups.

Our services include legislative lobbying, regulatory advocacy, strategic communications, stakeholder engagement, association management, and compliance. For individuals and companies we design custom portfolios of political giving and civic engagement aligned to desired outcomes. Water Street is recognized for its strength in managing complex issues and advancing new solutions. With bipartisan relationships across the public and private sectors, Water Street can connect you to the political process and work with you to achieve results. 

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