Sales: The only metric that matters

We don't create elaborate, high-concept campaigns that send vanity metrics soaring but leave you wondering if it actually worked.

At Turbine we believe that if it doesn't measurably impact sales, it's not worth doing.

In fact, all of our capabilities are engineered around what drives the B2B decision makers of today and our campaigns are designed with one goal in mind: deliver a steady stream of high-quality, closable leads to sales.

To that end, our services include the data analytics, marketing technologies, and campaign expertise necessary to build and manage your core marketing systems and plan and execute major, long-term initiatives.


If you're looking to establish the foundation of your integrated sales and marketing system, the Infrastructure Plan is the perfect starting point. Beginning with a deep analysis of your most valuable audiences, we create the strategy, framework, and content to engage them and generate leads. 

  1. Market Analytics:  Identify and analyze key audiences | Define audience segments and personas | Map customer journeys and decision points

  2. Strategy and Planning: Develop comprehensive game plan to engage audiences and generate leads | Create integrated content plan and calendar

  3. Build: Setup core technologies including live monitoring and Marketing Automation | Update/create relevant social profiles | Create content including articles, blog posts, videos, etc.

  4. Launch and Grow:  Engage key audiences | Manage social channels | Build and nurture leads | Measure and optimize

[Duration: 2.5 Months]

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