Mosier McCann

MosierMcCann is a consulting firm that has been helping the region’s top companies solve their most difficult business challenges for over 20 years.

Our firm is grounded in the belief that one accountable leader can make all of the difference—to a project, to a team, to an organization. It is why clients like Clarisonic, Perkins Coie and Expedia continually rely on MosierMcCann’s Strategic Initiative Experts to provide clarity, structure and purpose to their most critical business initiatives.

Our Strategic Initiative Experts bring years of industry experience, along with honed leadership skills like communication, organizational agility and the ability to handle the most complex challenges. They leverage their multifaceted expertise to put plans in place, communicate with stakeholders and lead important initiatives to success.  When we are finished, we leave our clients with effective solutions that continue on without us.

MosierMcCann serves clients in sectors such as telecommunications, banking, healthcare, health & beauty, information technology, legal, non-profit, travel, retail and wireless. We lead initiatives and drive solutions in areas of technology, marketing, operations, data analytics, process and communication improvement.

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