Distributed Energy Management

Aligning Utility Budgets with Business Goals

Most companies overspend. Utility budgets managed with business goals front-of-mind generate clear advantages.

Are you wasting utility dollars?

Likely yes. Millions of commercial buildings are wasting billions of dollars each year. A typical building throws off 30% of its energy through underperforming equipment and infrastructure. That's over $50 Billion each and every year.

What's your potential waste? 

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Utilities don't have to be hard

We started a company to help transform end-user energy, water and waste management discussions from kWh, BTUs and CFS to practical metrics that are meaningful to business owners. Energy and water are central to our businesses and our livelihood. We decided it was too important to be left to experts who were more concerned with measuring energy, water and waste than how we, and our clients, actually manage them to create value.

Our Utility Optimization Platform consolidates all utilities for clients into a single, financially independent, support directorate that simplifies operations at the nexus of utilities, information, and finance. Our approach is holistic aligning utility budgets with desired business goals. We've been interdisciplinary from the start. We're building a company focused on helping you interact with utilities,

Why we do it

We use a lot of energy and water, while creating excessive waste to run our businesses and power our lives. These are central to almost every task and outcome in our economy. Despite their importance, they are usually ignored, forgotten, and viewed as unavoidable cost centers. Aligning utility resources with actual needs, an average building in the United States can save 30% of its annual energy costs, 20% of its water and reduce the excess waste produced.

Our team is passionate about managing utilities as valued resources. We believe that end-users drive the many economic, security, and social consequences of their use. The best way to make a difference in improving all three is enabling end-users to make real, sound decisions. We don't want you to make decisions based off of abstract statistics. We believe that these resources only have true value to consumers because of the desired outcomes. You want to buy a warm office in the winter, a cool office in the summer. You want to deliver goods at the lowest cost for your customer. No one really cares about energy, water and waste; you care about the light, heat, products produced or other work done.

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