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Mass Ingenuity helps organizations to see, believe and achieve what’s possible. Founded in 2010 in Portland, Oregon, by John Bernard after a 30-year career in business management, Mass Ingenuity makes use of best practices learned from the most successful business cultures around the globe and applies them to the business of government.

Our team of dedicated and passionate professionals is made up of experts in their fields – from business management to organizational development – with decades of experience. Each of us works to understand an organization’s true needs and then tailors customized implementations of Mass Ingenuity’s proprietary Now Management System® to ensure maximum and sustainable success.

Mass Ingenuity enables leaders and employees to see across an organization for the first time, removing silos and barriers to success. The result is engaged employees who are empowered to work without fear toward accomplishing common goals. Those employees also are able to directly connect their day-to-day work with the mission of the organization, creating all new levels of efficiencies.

In addition, we provide leaders the tools they need to effectively and accurately measure progress and results. This enables leaders to head off issues before they take root, eliminating the need for constant firefighting.

With this new view, new tools, and new employee energy, leaders again come to believe in the reasons they got into public sector work in the first place, and their organizations are able to achieve what previously had remained out of reach.

And that is the true promise of Mass Ingenuity.

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