Energy Northwest

Energy Northwest produces reliable, affordable, environmentally responsible electric power and delivers it to Northwest public power utilities at the cost of production.

Formed as a joint operating agency in 1957, the Washington state legislature created Energy Northwest to serve the needs and aggregate the strengths of public power by providing energy services, and generating reliable, low-cost electricity. Today Energy Northwest is one of many public power joint action agencies across the United States. Representing the convergence of small and big public power utilities, the EN consortium of 27 public utility districts and municipalities take advantage of economies of scale and shared services to boost efficiency and effectiveness, all to the greater cost benefit of public power ratepayers.

The agency owns and operates four electricity generating facilities: White Bluffs Solar Station, Packwood Lake Hydroelectric Project, Nine Canyon Wind Project and Columbia Generating Station (nuclear energy facility).

Energy Northwest also provides operations and maintenance services for generating facilities owned by other utilities, and develops new power generation facilities to meet growing demand.

Oversight of Energy Northwest operations is provided by an 11-member executive board and a board of directors comprising one representative from each member utility.

The agency’s vision is to be the region's leader in energy generation and public power solutions through sustained excellence in performance.

To achieve its vision, Energy Northwest works to understand and meet the energy needs of its members – the Washington state public power utilities who serve nearly 1.5 million ratepayers. Meeting the goal means measuring current performance while looking for solutions to meet the region’s future energy needs. The vision calls for a strong power portfolio, including a variety of electricity generating operations and professional and technical services.

The agency’s mission is to provide our public power members and regional ratepayers with safe, reliable and cost-effective power.

Energy Northwest member utilities and employees are the agency’s primary stakeholders. They serve the ratepayers of the Pacific Northwest through our members and the Bonneville Power Administration. To best serve the ratepayers, we strive to provide reliable power and other energy services to the region at the least cost, while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of our employees and the public. ​  ​​

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